Helpful Information



Toucan is a 14 metre long (or for us old folks 46ft) catamaran and has a beam of 7.3 metres (24ft) and has 4 double cabins all with en suites so it is a fairly large boat but, still a boat and therefore has some constraints. To assist those who are joining us on some part of our adventure you may find the following information helpful.


We all have to have it but the less the better. Although Toucan is of reasonable size vessel storage is at a premium so we cannot store hard cases or wheelie bags. Soft collapsible bags can only come onboard.


Toucan carries an extensive first aid kit including a wide range of drugs. However, we cannot supply prescription drugs which you may be currently on and the possibility of obtaining prescription drugs may not be available as you travel. You need to ensure you have prescription drugs with you. It may also be helpful to have the packet with your name and dosage details in case you are questioned. As a number of areas we will travel through have high potential for Malaria and Dengue fever and other mosquito born viruses you should check with your doctor to see if shots are required. It is advisable to bring insect repellant with you if possible. Light travelling pants and long sleeve tops at night are also advisable. Should you suffer from sea or travel sickness you will need to bring the appropriate tablets. It is also important to ensure you have travel insurance which in the case of an emergency will cover you for medical conditions.


Depending on where you join Toucan you may require a visa to gain entry to that country. You will need to ensure that you arrange for the visa prior to departure. Whilst on board you will simply gain the required visas as the boat is cleared into a country.

Safety Equipment

Toucan is equipped with a life raft which is in current survey. She also has a limited number of PFD’s and tethers along with MOB system and flotation devices. You may need to bring your own PFD but check with us first.


Toucan is fitted with 110v inverter allowing most electrical equipment and utensils to run. This inverter runs off the batteries so there are some limitations. Charging of phones, iPads and computers can be done through either 12v outlets or 110v outlets located in the boat. You will need to bring your own chargers as they may not be the same as what’s on the boat during your stay.


Although Toucan has lockable doors and hatches caution should be taken with valuable items. A safe is available for use onboard. It is advisable when ashore to have some form of security wallet or pack that you can control. Also a small dry bag for travel in the tender is advisable.


The most appropriate clothing on a boat is normally t shirts and shorts but it would also be advisable to have a light wet weather jacket, long pants of some description and a long sleeve top. The long pants and long sleeve top will assist with mosquitos in the evening when anchored and in some circumstances long pants are considered more appropriate. Shoes are fairly easy so long as they don’t leave marks they should be fine. It would also be advised to have some form of footwear you can wear in the water. What’s not fine are leather soled shoes, high heels or platform sandals or shoes. They can be dangerous on a boat.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

If you hold a recognised dive ticket there will be scuba equipment on the boat that you will be able to use. Toucan also has a dive compressor. If you don’t and you wish to do an intro dive it can be arranged as there is a scuba instructor onboard. For both snorkelling and scuba the only equipment we won’t have are fins as there are two many sizes to try and carry and wetsuits, again for the same reason. Should you like to snorkel or scuba then we would ask that you bring those two items with you. Toucan has a good supply of towels so unless you particularly want to bring your favourite beach towel you don’t need to.

What would be Nice

As you are travelling you may have access to duty free alcohol. Bringing some with you would be very much appreciated.

Should you need to contact us

The best and easiest method is email. You have three choices

This last address is for email while we are at sea out of normal contact range. It is important to note that text only emails can be sent on the last address. Anything larger than text jams the system and blocks us from receiving important weather data.