To assist those who would like to join us on some part of our adventure we have created an on-line calendar to allow a quick view of our itinerary and who is on board at that time. This will also indicate if there is availability for that sector of our trip. After checking the calendar should you wish to join us you need only send an email to let us know where and when so that we can check our progress and confirm with you that it is achievable. It is important to understand that we are governed by the weather and should we be held up you need to make alternate arrangements until we can get to you.

When using the calendar you can view all details of the posted event by selecting the month and year and then clicking the link on that date. It will open a new page listing all details for the event. Should you wish you can export the details to either ical or vcal by choosing that option at the bottom of the page. To reach a particular month, at the top of the page above the current month and date you will find a drop down selection box which will allow you to choose a month and year. This will allow you to view all activities for the month.

The calendar can be found at the following link. To access the calendar you will need to log in. Use the following log in details: Please do not attempt to add information to the calendar rather use it to view events and people on board. Email us if you wish to to be added as a guest.

username: toucan
password: toucan

toucan calendar