The House That Hans Built

We return from Sorong after our latest visa extension run to find that Hans has started building a new house over the water.  His parents are still away in Waisai trying to sort out the ownership dispute over the nearby small island (Pulau Dayan Kecil), so Hans has singlehandedly managed to build the foundation and frame and has already started on the roof in the one week we’ve been away.

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Do Geckos Like Potato Chips?

When you’re cooped up on a boat with someone 24/7 and there’s scarcely any other company, sometimes the conversation takes a bizarre turn.  Any flies on the wall would assume we’ve gone barking mad (and they could be right). A recent topic of conversation on board Toucan started with the question “Do geckos like potato chips”? Before you run screaming for the hills, let me explain….

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The Sorong Shuffle

Goodness, has it really been two months since the last post? Apologies – in the last couple of months most of our time seems to have been spent shuffling between Sorong and Batanta every couple of weeks. Not by design, but from the necessity of having to do our monthly visa extensions plus ongoing boat maintenance, none of which has been particularly exciting stuff.  Still, it’s all part and parcel of the cruising life, so we can’t complain.

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