River Deep, Mountain High – Balbulol, Misool

Balbulol – hard to pronounce, but a place to fall in love with. Bruce jokingly calls it Babylon but he’s not far off the mark. Like the famous hanging gardens, an astonishing array of vegetation clings tenaciously to the sheer rock faces, even palm trees defy the logic of growing here, sprouting from the tops of islands like rebellious teenagers. This ribbon of islands runs southeast from Misool and geologically speaking the area is very similar to northern Raja Ampat – hundreds of limestone karst islands and volcanic rocks rising vertically out of the ocean from the depths below.

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No Frills, No Frou-Frous

There’s been a few postponements to our haul out due to other boats needing emergency lifts more urgently than us. But now, finally, it’s our turn. We need to haul to fit the new prop (impossible to do in-water), and whilst we no longer have any oil leaks from our sail drives (hurray!) we think it prudent to replace the bottom oil seals as these haven’t been done for several years. And Murphy’s law being what it is, you know what will happen if we don’t…

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