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Welcome to Toucan’s Retreat

Toucan’s Retreat is located  at the north western end of the big island of Batanta and some 43 nautical miles west of Sorong West Papua. We are in an area known as Middle Raja Ampat. Our exact location lies at the following co-ordinates,

Lat: 0 47.418 S Long: 130 30.330 E


The big island in the graphic or screenshot below shows the island of Batanta. Located at the north western corner is the small island of Pulau Dayang and Toucan’s Retreat.

Pulau Batanta


Pulau Dayang

The above graphic or screen shot shows the island of Pulau Dayang and the location of Toucan’s Retreat. There are two anchorages shown. The bottom one we have most used when we had SV Toucan here. The depth is around 5-7 metres and is on sand and good holding. The second one at the corner of the island was our backup anchorage if the westerlies became to strong. The depth is 25 metres but provides excellent protection from the west and north west.

About Us:

Bruce Jameson & Di Fitzgerald


We are two Aussies with a passion for sailing, whether it’s racing or cruising. For the last 8 years we’ve been based on our catamaran Toucan Cruising  from the east coast of the US through the pacific and then onto south east asia. Whilst based in Raja Ampat in Eastern Indonesia  wen decided to change from our cruising lifestyle to an island living lifestyle. We are now base at our new location, Toucan’s Retreat, on the island of Pulau Dayang. Pulau Dayang is located some 45 nautical miles from the Sorong located on the top of the Bird Heads Peninsular West Papua 

Favourite Web Links

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Soggy Paws – Sherry from Soggy Paws has published an amazing number of compendiums covering a large number of cruising grounds. A great resource. 

SV Ocelot John and Sue Hacking provide a wide and extensive range of .Kap files which are invaluable for cruisers. Another great resource.

SV Valhalla – Terry from Valhalla has created another amazing site full of great resource material. Another must for cruisers heading out. 

Toucan’s Anchoring Guide – During our travels through the Raja Ampat area we discovered a number of anchoring sites. This link will take you to our Anchoring  Guide,  it represents the anchorages we have used and not all the  anchorages in the region, The guide covers North Raja Ampat, Middle Raja Ampat, Misool and Triton Bay.