Home Sweet Home

Finally, we’re home after 5 months in Australia seeing family and friends and getting my much-needed knee replacement surgery.  It was great to see everyone, and thankfully my surgery was successful – although I needed every bit of those 5 months to feel confident about travelling and living back on the island with my new knee.  It was a slow and painful recovery but I can now walk without pain so it was definitely worth it. There’s still a way to go, but I’m hoping the hydrotherapy of the beautiful warm water of Raja Ampat will speed the process along.

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The Power and the Glory

It’s now a month since the fire, and glory be – we have power again!  It’s still somewhat temporary until we get our full complement of 8 batteries and our heavy-duty inverter, but for now, we’re up and running with 4 batteries in the same configuration as previously and we can give the noisy generator a rest, have running water in the bathroom, and keep the fridge on permanently. Happy days!

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