The Playground – Vava’u, Tonga

Toucan in Port Maurelle anchorage, Vava'u
Toucan in Port Maurelle anchorage, Vava’u

Wow, what a difference a week makes. The sun came out, the wind settled and we set off to play amongst the 60 islands comprising the cruising grounds of Vava’u. What’s great about this place is that the islands are all within a few hours’ sail (or motor) of each other, and there’s always somewhere to find shelter if the wind kicks up. Continue reading “The Playground – Vava’u, Tonga”

The Kingdom – Tonga

Our arrival in Tonga, more like Scotland than the tropics!
Our arrival in Tonga, more like the UK than the tropics!

What’s this? Rain and wind in the tropical paradise of the Kingdom of Tonga? Not exactly what we were expecting, but I guess we’ve been very spoilt with the weather so far, so we can’t complain. Most of the week we’ve been hunkered down on a mooring in the main anchorage, with occasional forays into Neiafu (the main town of the Vava’u group of islands) when the rain lets up. Much as we’d like to get out and explore the islands, it’s given us a bit more insight into the Tongan way of life… Continue reading “The Kingdom – Tonga”

The Dangerous Middle – passage to Tonga

IMG_4365I guess if I were somewhat vain I might consider the dangerous middle my ever expanding stomach. It seems to me that cruising should be where we lose those additional pounds with all that hard work and sacrifice. However, it seems to be the opposite. Guess I’m not working hard enough or maybe I’m enjoying the lifestyle a little too much. No, my dangerous middle just keeps expanding to suit the moment – but, it’s not my dangerous middle I’m talking about here rather the dangerous middle section of the Pacific Ocean joining Bora Bora and the Kingdom of Tonga. Continue reading “The Dangerous Middle – passage to Tonga”

The Rock – Niue

Toucan at Alofi anchorage, Niue
Toucan at Alofi anchorage, Niue

It’s known locally as ‘The Rock” – the largest uplifted coral island in the world, and home to the smallest island nation. Niue (pronounced New-ay) has only 1200 residents and is self-governing, although closely affiliated with New Zealand which provides significant financial aid to the country. It’s a gem of a place and we’ve had a great time exploring and getting to know this unspoilt island for the past 10 days. Continue reading “The Rock – Niue”