West Side Story Pt 2 – The Yasawas, Fiji

sister Maureen in the Captain's chair
aye aye Cap’n Maureen

During the two weeks Maureen’s been with us, we’ve experienced the full spectrum of Fiji weather (bar a cyclone!). Thunderstorms and torrential rain, no wind, wind from the ‘wrong’ direction (which is always where we’re planning on going) or too much wind. But it hasn’t spoilt the wonderful time we’re having, we’ve learnt to be flexible and adjust our plans accordingly. Continue reading “West Side Story Pt 2 – The Yasawas, Fiji”

West Side Story Pt 1 – The Yasawas, Fiji

img_2096The Yasawas are the westernmost group of islands in Fiji, stretching almost 80 kilometres on a NE/SW axis. They’re volcanic and mountainous and as well as being home to many local villages they’re also a mecca for the tourist industry, with many resorts and day charters operating throughout the chain. It made sense to leave them to last, and with my sister Maureen’s arrival it was a perfect opportunity to do a couple of weeks’ exploring of this popular area. Continue reading “West Side Story Pt 1 – The Yasawas, Fiji”