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Heading in the Right Direction?

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, our oil leak had been fixed (we hoped!) so we were free and clear to get off the dock and head down to St Michael’s for the weekend, in company with “Mischief” and “Huckleberry”, two … Continue reading

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The Glimmering Light

  It’s been exactly three months since we moved onto the boat, summer has been and gone (together with the work barge), the house opposite is almost built, and that faint glimmer we see at the end of the tunnel … Continue reading

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Big Bang Theory

If you haven’t seen the show called the Big Bang Theory then you may not be familiar with the characters or the plot where four young men, actually I think that’s four young nerdy men, try to understand the beginning … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News

We finally made it off the dock! It’s been a long time coming, so we were pretty excited to get out for our first test-sail on Toucan last week.

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