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Cactus – Bonaire Pt 1

For a small island Bonaire packs a big punch. Not only is there fabulous diving all along the leeward (west) coast, but it’s also one of the most fascinating and interesting places we’ve visited because of it’s history and the … Continue reading

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The Birds – Aves de Barlovento

This is why we go cruising. To see those small corners of the world that are still pristine and mostly unscarred by mankind’s heavy footprint. Those places that you can’t get to by plane, or car, or cruise ship, only … Continue reading

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Into The Blue – Los Roques

Whilst there’s been numerous reports of violent robberies and boardings of yachts near the Venezuelan coast, all our information indicated that the remote Venezualan archipelago of Los Roques was far enough from the mainland to be safe to visit on … Continue reading

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  Rumnesia Noun: Definition; Memory loss caused by imbibing large quantities of Rum of the Caribbean type Origin: 2015 Alcoholic liquor or spirit distilled from molasses or some other form of sugar cane product purchased from a Caribbean Rum Bar.

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Sugar N’ Spice – Grenada

“God gives everyone sometink, Man. Grenada got spices and water”. So said our tour guide “Yellow” when we did our island tour. Actually, I think Grenada got a lot more than that. It’s another wonderful island with a rich history, … Continue reading

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