Happy Wife Happy Life

The New Toucan

I remember someone quoting that little phrase to me sometime ago. Now maybe I’m a slow learner as it has just struck home, so as to speak. When we were close to leaving Oz for the ‘prepare the new boat for the trip back’ but, has turned into ‘let’s rebuild a catamaran in aound 5 months’ we had the “how do we communicate our experiences with everyone and share our photos” discussion. On our last foray into the blue we used Sailblogs to entertain people and host our photos so this seemed the logical course to continue on and this is where I should have remembered that important phrase. But no, it wasn’t broke and I did try to fix it! Continue reading “Happy Wife Happy Life”

Independence Day

It’s been a week of celebrations here, big and small. The biggest (of course!) was my birthday last Wednesday, which really started on Tuesday evening Australia time, so I got to celebrate for 38 hours! It was very special to hear from both my wonderful boys, Nick and Rob, and to receive so many lovely birthday messages from family and friends, including a skype video call with our Mandurah ‘family’, Chris, Heidi, Kieran and Drina. Modern technology really does help to make us feel as if we’re only just around the corner instead of half way round the world. Continue reading “Independence Day”