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Where The Wild Things Are – Dominica

If there were a candidate for the Garden of Eden, Dominica (pronounced Dom-i-Knee-ka) would top the list I reckon. Wild, stunning and bursting with life, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

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The Saint(s) — Iles Des Saintes

25NM south-east of Guadeloupe lie the Iles De Saintes, another little jewel in the Caribbean.

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How Green Was My Valley (Guadeloupe)

Green, gorgeous, Guadeloupe. It’s hard to imagine there can be so many different shades of green. It was an instant love affair when we went ashore to the quiet little backwater of Deshaies (pronounced “Day-ay” – gotta love those silent … Continue reading

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The Bold & The Beautiful (St Barts)

I think the guy on the end has to be bold (or have delusions of grandeur) to park his relatively small powerboat next to the giant superyachts on the dock at St Barthelemy (St Barts). It’s definitely the home of the … Continue reading

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Rich Man, Poor Man (St Martin)

We enjoyed a final get-together with our Salty Dawg pals for an early Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner on the beach last Wednesday, and then said our farewells. Our plan was to leave for the 90NM inevitable beat to St Martin early … Continue reading

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