So Long, Sorong

We return from our sea-trial to Batanta Island with mostly good news. There’s no more slipping from the clutches which is terrific, but the starboard gearbox is alarmingly noisy under load. We think Rieman may have made the washer tolerance too tight, so we’ll need to get it re-machined at some point. In the meantime we’ll just put our headphones on with the music turned up loud…

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With A Little Help From Our Friends

We’re back in the duck pond in Tampa Garam, Sorong. It’s getting crowded in here – there are 7 boats already tied up so we squeeze in down the end, with plenty of helping hands to take our shore lines. What a delightful mix of boats, nationalities and ages – we love this about cruising. There are currently Danish, Norwegian, American, Canadian, New Zealand and Aussie boats here, and Wes and Stine are very happy to have some young company for a change!

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