It Takes A Village – Longan Island, Ninigos Pt 3

We’ve heard a lot about Longan Island from other cruisers, and it sounds like a great place to share the last of our trading goods.  I’m also keen to distribute more of the ‘Days for Girls’ kits to the school there.  Longan Island is on the north side of the lagoon, about 4 hours away from Mal.  There’s a south-easterly blowing so we unfurl the jib and have an easy sail across.  But we also realise that the anchorage at Longan isn’t going to be comfortable in a southerly breeze, so instead late in the afternoon we drop anchor off the north side of uninhabited Hotum Island. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very social time at Longan so we’re looking forward to a quiet day of snorkelling and relaxing at Hotum tomorrow.

Pretty Hotum Island
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