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This is the blog for Toucan’s Travels from the east coast of the US to the Caribbean, down to Panama and through the canal and then across the pacific back home to Australia. Hopefully, our blog will convey exactly as it is with both the highs and the lows.

West Side Story Pt 1 – The Yasawas, Fiji

img_2096The Yasawas are the westernmost group of islands in Fiji, stretching almost 80 kilometres on a NE/SW axis. They’re volcanic and mountainous and as well as being home to many local villages they’re also a mecca for the tourist industry, with many resorts and day charters operating throughout the chain. It made sense to leave them to last, and with my sister Maureen’s arrival it was a perfect opportunity to do a couple of weeks’ exploring of this popular area. Continue reading

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Running On Empty – Denarau, Fiji

img_0798A cautionary tale: If you think you’re low on outboard fuel, best to top up the tank before you run it dry! Continue reading

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Robinson Crusoe – Likuri Island, Fiji


We were on our way back to Denarau to await the arrival of my sister, and decided to have another stop at Likuri Island (aka Robinson Crusoe Island). We only stayed one night here on the way to Kadavu and were keen to see their famous fire-dancing show.

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My Island Home – Waisalima Bay, Kadavu, Fiji

Waisalima Bay, Kadavu Island

Waisalima Bay, Kadavu Island

We were keen to dive the Naigoro Pass while we were at South Astrolabe Reef, but we’d come to a frustratingly dead-end trying to find a local dive operator on Kadavu Island who could give us the low-down. No-one was answering our calls, and we weren’t sure if we had to get permission from the local village. So armed with what little information we had, we decided to go and find the dive resorts in person. We passed Mai Dive Resort on the eastern side of Ono Island but there was nowhere safe to anchor Toucan. We kept going towards Waisalima Bay on the big island of Kadavu, where we’d heard there was a resort and dive shop. Continue reading

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It Takes A Village – Naqara, Ono Island, Fiji

img_1868Given the current electoral shenanigans in the USA, it seems fitting to use a book written by Hillary Rodham Clinton, possibly about to become the first female President of the United States, as the title for this blog. In her 1996 book she argued that it takes an extended community of relatives, friends and mentors to raise healthy, happy children. She must have been thinking of Fiji because these youngsters from the village of Naqara (pronounced Nangara) seem to be the living embodiment of her theory. Continue reading

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The Reef – Great Astrolabe Reef, Fiji

north-astrolabeAbout 80NM south of the main island of Viti Levu is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world – the Great Astrolabe Reef, named after the French explorer’s ship that nearly came a cropper there in 1827. North Astrolabe is uninhabited, whereas South Astrolabe encircles numerous small islands and the much larger Kadavu Island. The whole area is relatively unspoilt and a renowned diving location, so of course it was on our ‘must do’ list while in Fiji. Continue reading

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