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Customs Clearance

I don’t think it matters if you’re clearing customs in Australia via plane or yacht there is always that gnawing in the pit of your stomach that you’ll be picked out and something won’t be right and then all hell … Continue reading

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Luigi Overboard!

A strange title as we don’t really have anyone on board called Luigi but it’s the name we’ve given our spinnaker as it’s comprised of the colours of Italy. Now Luigi didn’t intentionally jump overboard, and he certainly wasn’t pushed … Continue reading

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One More Year…..of makebelieving

One More Year…..of Make Believing. It doesn’t seem like twelve months ago that we had to make the hard decision to leave our cruising life and return to the hard facts of reality (running out of money will do that … Continue reading

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The Price Is Right – Viani Bay, Fiji

You meet the most amazing people as you travel. Particularly when travelling through the islands, each with their own unique peculiarities. And so it came to pass that we met $10 Jack.

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Down on my Knees, Begging you Please – Neiafu, Vava’u, Tonga

I’m sure that’s how the song goes and just where I ended up! Our new (refurbished) autopilot took just an amazing three days to go from London to Nuku’alofa the capitol of Tonga and there it sat waiting patiently to … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Middle – passage to Tonga

I guess if I were somewhat vain I might consider the dangerous middle my ever expanding stomach. It seems to me that cruising should be where we lose those additional pounds with all that hard work and sacrifice. However, it … Continue reading

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