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I remember someone quoting that little phrase to me sometime ago. Now maybe I’m a slow learner as it has just struck home, so as to speak. When we were close to leaving Oz for the ‘prepare the new boat for the trip back’ but, has turned into ‘let’s rebuild a catamaran in aound 5 months’ we had the “how do we communicate our experiences with everyone and share our photos” discussion. On our last foray into the blue we used Sailblogs to entertain people and host our photos so this seemed the logical course to continue on and this is where I should have remembered that important phrase. But no, it wasn’t broke and I did try to fix it!

I decided that we needed control of our own web/blog and so created what I thought, at the time, was an okay solution. We could post our blogs, host our photo albums and provide more information to people than our current solution, Sailblogs. All went well as I did the first few posts, we were able to provide more information including an online calender so people could see where were likely to be during a period of time and from my point of view the process was relatively simple. WRONG!

Di stepped up to the plate for her first run at producing a blog. Now if you have been reading our blogs you will know that Di is the major producer and is prolific so things needed to run smoothly and, of course, they did not and we had more problems than Speed Gordon, to quote a phrase. After giving it a number of shots things just got worse, I won’t mention Di’s intolerance of all things electronic at this point, and a storm was building. Now weather forecasters rate cyclones in intensity with a number 1-5 with 5 being the worst and at this point I think Di was approaching a 5.5 which was particularly bad news for me and I needed help.

Whilst we were in Colorado we caught up with a fantastic couple who worked for a company (Scuba Schools International) I represented in Australasia. Jim is an IT guru and his wife, Ashley, was a trainer with the organisation so an S.O.S went out to Jim to see if he could assist me with defusing the current situation. Within a matter of days he had not only explained what we should be doing but recreated my previous efforts into a new WordPress site where everything works like it should. A very big thank you to Jim and his company Digital Fate Creative who not only solved the problem but gave me back a happy wife!


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    1. Yep has taken me some time to work this out. Just lucky I got the ripe old age I am. Hope you guys are having fun as we are not there yet.
      Cheers, Bruce & Di

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