Chickens? What Chickens? – Neiafu, Vava’u, Tonga

070604-chickens_170Everywhere you look in Neiafu there are chickens. In front yards, running across the road, in backs of trucks. And where there’s chickens, there’s eggs. Lots of ‘em. So we have to be very careful to avert our eyes in case we surreptiously start counting them. No sir, not us, we’re not counting chickens….or eggs…or anything remotely poultry-related.We’re just waiting, perhaps not quite as patiently as we’d like. After a couple more late night phone calls to the UK, our course computer finally got picked up by DHL on Monday afternoon UK time. It arrived in Auckland, NZ on Tuesday night and sat there for 24 hrs. Another phone call to DHL on Thursday, and it’s now in Nuku’alofa, the capital of Tonga, about 125NM south of us. The final hurdle is getting it here to Neiafu. Not usually a problem as there’s three scheduled flights a day. But it just so happens there’s a big fat tropical depression forming to the north of us which is going to pack winds up to 40kts for the next 2-3 days, so we don’t know if the planes will be grounded…’s nail-biting stuff folks!

So the days tick by, and we try to keep busy doing boat jobs, preparing for a possible departure mid-next week (no chickens were involved in this suggestion). We’ve cleaned the hulls and filled the diesel tanks, and now we’ll have to hunker down while the wild weather blows over. Last night we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the Aquarium Cafe with our American cruising buddies from “Palarran”  and “Tang”, CB, Tawn, Nathan & Sally. I’m hoping we have something to be thankful for in the next couple of days. Watch this space…!

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  1. Fingers still crossed for you! We tied up to the customs dock at about 7pm today, in safely. We’ll leave the light on for you, hoping you can get things sorted and get out of there.

    1. So pleased you guys had a good passage and are in safely. Hopefully our part will be here Monday (tomorrow). Look forward to catching up soon!

  2. We will be in New Zealand over Christmas and January so keep an eye out for First Picasso. Hope you have a good crossing. ??⛵️⛵️

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