Love Is In The Air – Misool

We’re on the hunt for the ‘Lurrve Lake’ – we know it’s around here somewhere but no-one’s been able to give us exact directions.  So we leave Kalig and head for the island of Segaf where we think there might be a homestay to point us in the right direction. 

We don’t find a homestay, but two out of three ain’t bad – on the way we spot the Geosite sign to the Love Lake, and at Segaf we discover a perfect, protected anchorage on the south side.  There’s a superyacht already here, but it’s plenty big enough for two more little yachts!  It’s not so deep and has a sandy bottom so we drop the anchor and then tie off back to the rock walls.

We like it when our buddy boat has to go up their mast – thanks for the great photo “Jams”!

There’s some really interesting snorkelling here too – the shallows provide a nursery for myriads of baby fish, and I play hide-and-seek with a couple of well-camouflaged individuals. The deeper water is patrolled by schools of harmless but scary-looking bumphead parrot fish.

This little guy is a Starry blennie I believe – only a few inches long and VERY well disguised!
Cute scribbled filefish
Bumped parrotfish – faces only a mother could love

But we’re here to find love, romance, the Love Lake!  We dinghy across the strait and find the well-marked entrance. Raja Ampat has done a great job with their tourist ‘geosites’ with solidly constructed jetties, walkways and steps up to the look-out at the top. Quite a lot of steps. 

Personally, I think Love Lake has a better ring than Pool Love but that’s just me….
A lot of work has gone into these jetties and walkways
It’s a long way to the top..

By the time we get to the top, there’s a lot of heavy breathing but not of the romantic kind, we’re more focused on not having a heart attack.  But the pretty heart-shaped lagoon is worth the exercise and we’re happy to support the local economy with our tourist dollars.

We can’t help ourselves of course – there’s more diving to be had in this area and we experience one of our top three dives at Gorgonia Passage. It’s a magnificent drift dive through the passage between Wayilbatan and Walib Islands with the biggest gorgonian fans we’ve ever seen – up to 4 metres across!  We like it so much we do it twice and it’s just as stunning the second time around.

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    1. yes you can contact either of us on Messenger Rowls… and yes, heart reef on GBR is very pretty too but you can only get the full effect from the air..

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