Bye Bye to Illusion

Illusion Backs out of the RPAYC Berth
Jeff, Kathy and Sherm

Was a sad day, after 7 years and some 14 thousand nautical miles we waved goodbye to Illusion as she slipped away from the Royal Motor fuel dock headed for Sandy Bay Tasmania, without us. We had sold Illusion.

Di and I were supposed to do the delivery as part of the sale but, unfortunately, work commitments got in the way so friends stepped in to help. Jeff Stander who also owns a KP It 44 and his partner Kathy quickly put their hands up to do the delivery for us. The third delivery crew member, Geoff Sherman (aka Sherm), made the mistake of being at the club on the friday night before departure and somehow ended up volunteering for the journey. A big thanks to Sherm whois a good hand at most things on a boat. Although he has been overheard explaining to people that he is not their f@#$&*% butler!

Fortunately the weather gods shone upon them with fair winds out of the north and calm seas. Illusion again proved how good a sea boat she is and promptly delivered them four days later safe and sound to their destination Sandy Bay Tasmania, where she will continue on many more adventures. Just without us.

Illusion3On a beautiful Pittwater day Illusion  slips away from the RMYC fuel wharf heading for Sandy Bay Tasmania leaving us standing  a little teary eyed on the dock!


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