Eulogy to a Seafaring Dog

SFDogAs one chapter begins, so another one closes…

Hard as it is, we’ve become somewhat used to having to say goodbye to our wonderful family and friends when we leave on another adventure. But nothing was as hard as having to farewell our faithful furry ‘child’, Widget (aka Widget the Wonder Dog/ the Widge) when she took her leave of us last month.  After 16 ½ years of devoted companionship, including accompanying us on our circumnavigation of Australia, we  thought it only fitting to post a small tribute here to our beloved 3rd crewmember and salty sea-dog.

Widget may have been a little dog, but she had the heart of a lion. By the time she was 14, she’d already survived two bouts of cancer and an autoimmune disease that would have killed a lesser dog. Then, when she should have been pottering in the backyard and snoozing in the sun, she was forced to learn to sail, to ride the dinghy, to run the gauntlet of park rangers on various beaches around Australia, and to cope with a deck that constantly pitched and rolled as she tried to do her business on the artificial ‘lawn’ of the rear deck. What a trouper! As long as she was in our company she was happy, and her company was very welcome too on those long night watches in the cockpit. Not once did she get seasick, even down that dratted WA coast where the wind never seemed to be below 30 knots. As long as food arrived regularly she was a happy camper. She even started enjoying swimming! Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

So Vale to our feisty, beautiful girl – you will live on in our hearts, and your spirit will inspire us in our new adventures. May your bowl always be full, and the green grass stretch on forever. You will be missed.

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