Rocky Mountain High

RMH1John Denver sang about them and you see fantastic photos of them so we thought it was time for some Rocky Mountain R&R courtesy of our close friends Ed & Carol Christini . The ‘Christini Hilton’ is located in Windsor Colorado just north of Denver, and is the perfect spot to kick back, de-stress and enjoy some mountain hospitality before reuniting with Toucan, currently on the hard in Baltimore.

Carol is renowned for her martinis so the celebrations started as soon as we arrived,and got ever more slurred as the evening wore on! We thought we might be able to catch a break from all the stress leading up to our departure from Oz, but it has a funny way of finding you wherever you are …although we’d pre shipped a mountain of equipment via sea-freight, the agents got the timing wrong and so our freight has beaten us to Baltimore. Not really a problem until you bring customs and officialdom into the picture and suddenly your stress indicators glow red. Many phone calls later we decided that the R&R needed attention so as the old saying goes…..when in Rome etc.

To Australians all Americans are gun crazy so it was with little wonder that our first R&R ended up at a gun show. Crazy! I have never seen so many hand guns and rifles in the one spot before. I really can’t see how the American government could ever hope to ban or reduce the number of guns that exist in America.

I just loved the sign as you entered the show but, people really do carry loaded weapons around with them. It’s nearly the norm!!

RMH2RMH3Just couldn’t help it had to add this great photo of a concealed carry system for the ladies. The bottom pouch is called the Kanga carry. A bloke could get a hell of a shock on date night when he went for what he thought was the front opening bra!

On the way back from our must do gun range practice day we participated in another Colorado ceremony, rocky mountain oysters. A great place named Bruce’s (must be great with a name like that) in the town of Severance is the home of rocky mountain oysters and here you can get bull’s oysters, buffalo oysters and turkey oysters. What a selection IRMH4hear you say! If you haven’t worked out what these oysters are I won’t spoil it for you. ButI will tell you that they taste like chicken. Why does everything unknown taste like chicken?

Sadly our week of R& R seemed to pass all too quickly. We certainly enjoyed the mountain hospitality including the large amount of alcohol and food intake and the great company of our friends. I’m sure we should sign into the Betty Ford clinic to detox and deweight but it’s time to head to Baltimore and start on the real part of our adventure. Welcome to America!

With our great hosts and friends Carol & Ed Christini. Ed & Carol put on a great cook out for our last day in Colorado.


No shortage ofwine, food and good friends. Colorado is a great place.

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  1. Bruce,
    The Bosun’s Locker is all the poorer for your departure, not only in a financial way, as no-one else has the witt to match you.
    Hope you both have a safe and wonderful journey and I will watch your trip with envy.

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