waterWorld1D-Day, the day Toucan got splashed! “Slim” finally arrived and fitted the new prop, we filled in time doing some more polishing while we anxiously awaited our scheduled time of high noon to be lowered into the water. The last few days there hasn’t been a breath of wind, but wouldn’t you know it, today the wind was up and blowing a good 15 kts (thanks Murphy). There wasn’t much manoeuvring space beyond the travel lift area, so Raphael the yard manager came over to check whether Bruce was still happy to go ahead  – hmm, let’s see, wind is going to be a problem, never driven this boat before – ‘Ok let’s give it a go’. The man is a legend. Continue reading “Waterworld”

Rocky Mountain High

RMH1John Denver sang about them and you see fantastic photos of them so we thought it was time for some Rocky Mountain R&R courtesy of our close friends Ed & Carol Christini . The ‘Christini Hilton’ is located in Windsor Colorado just north of Denver, and is the perfect spot to kick back, de-stress and enjoy some mountain hospitality before reuniting with Toucan, currently on the hard in Baltimore. Continue reading “Rocky Mountain High”

Moving to the Dark Side

DarkSide1We’ve all heard that raspy voice calling us to the dark side inviting us to explore the inner demon. For most monohull sailors the dark side is the multihull division and so for us the calling to explore our inner demon came in the form of Fontaine Bahia 46 ft catamaran. I guess the right question is why? After so many years sailing the traditional monohull, circumnavigating Australia in our wonderful Kelly Peterson why would we jump ship, so as to speak, and move to the dark side. Continue reading “Moving to the Dark Side”